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All Nobó Flavors

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Can't decide which chocolate to choose ? Try them all !

Experience all the flavors of Nobó with this bundle of our 8 delicious chocolates.

Enjoy 3 delicious flavors of our Smooth and Creamy chocolate bars :

the original Smooth and Creamy bar, the Salty Caramel Bar, an indulgent caramel flavored chocolate, hand topped with sea salt flakes, and our beautiful Coconut Bar, topped with crunchy toasted coconut.

Add to this our 5 awesome chocolate buttons  :

The original Smooth and Creamy button, the Orange button where we are adding sweet orange oil to create a luxuriously smooth orange chocolate with a velvet melt, the Mint Crunch button, with cool natural peppermint oil and topping of toasted organic criollo nibs for a satisfying and addictive crunch and last but not least the Irish Sea Salt Button with flakes of Irish Atlantic Sea Salt and the Salted Almond button with crunchy Sicilian almonds and Irish Sea Salt  both bringing you an intensely satisfying combination of sweet and savoury flavour.


About our chocolates

Produced In Ireland, made with ethically sourced, single origin cacao from the Congo.

Dairy Free. 50% less sugar than most milk chocolate. Vegan friendly. Gluten Free. Compostable Wrapper. Organic Cacao. No refined sugar. Non GMO. No soy.

Nutritional Information


Contains cashew nuts and may contain traces of other nuts (including peanut) and sesame due to manufacturing methods.